Terms and Conditions

When using this service you agree to the following terms and conditions (the "Terms of Agreement"). You can always check out the most current version of these Terms of Agreement at this page. All such rules and guidelines are hereby incorporated by reference into the Terms of Agreement. If you do not agree to these Terms of Agreement please do not use the site and do not register to be a member of this service. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms of Agreement at any time. It is your responsibility to check back periodically for changes. Your continued use of this service following the posting of changes to this privacy policy will mean that you accept those changes.


MallShare builds rewards websites for businesses which allow its members to receive cash rebates up to 40% of the original purchase price of literally millions of products represented through affiliate partners. The following Terms of Agreement apply to the current service as well as any future services and/or products that may be provided in the future unless explicitly stated otherwise. We have provided you with these Terms of Agreement to ensure a happy and safe shopping portal for you and all our customers.


  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.

  2. Customers may only maintain one account to accumulate financial benefits; any duplicate accounts will be subject to cancellation and deletion from our servers. Duplicate accounts may be identified by IP Address, email address, mailing address, phone number, or name associated with the account.

  3. Your customers must be logged into your account and access the preferred merchant through our site in order to receive a refund for the transaction. Any transaction that takes place by accessing the merchant directly or in any other way than specifically stated above will not be credited to your account.

  4. No automated processes including scripts or machines may be used to accumulate refunds. The customer must be human and must make a real transaction at one of our Affiliate Partners to qualify for a cash return. If we feel that the customer is abusing the system in any way, their account is subject to immediate cancellation.

  5. We are not obligated to pay out cash back rebates to any customer that uses one of the following Peer to Peer software programs: Morpheus, Morpheus Lite, Kazaa, Kazaa Lite, LimeWire, Blubster, Blubster Lite, TopMoxie, Wurld Media, StreamCast, BearShare, BuyerSport, eBates, HuntBar, iGive, JambaFind, MyPoints, SchoolCash, ShopAtHome, StreamCast, SupportShopping, Technology4Kids, Upromise, or Wurld Media. It has come to our attention that these programs may be designed to "divert" commissions from this service and other affiliate networks by encoding their own unique identification number on your computer. (NY Times) When you download these programs and run them on your computer you agree to the terms that these companies may divert the commission that would regularly be paid to this service for the purchases you make at popular stores and instead pay the commission to one of the above listed companies. Until this unethical behavior is ruled to be illegal, we require our customers to agree to this term when using this service.


  1. An account must have been created before any accrual of refunds will take place. Details of what is required to register vary depending on the type of account you are registering for. Generally you are required to provide your email and password upon registration to begin shopping and earning cash, but will be required to provide further personal information in order to actually receive your refund. This information includes: Full Name, Home Address (including State and Zip Code), and Country of residence. Please review our privacy policy to see how we respect your personal information. We are not responsible for any checks mailed to the wrong residence due to inaccurate information provided by the customer. If the customer does not provide the information required to mail their check, then the money will remain in their account. Each customer is responsible for their own password and we recommend that you keep it safe so that others cannot access your account. We are not responsible for any credits or debits posted to your account by someone that has accessed your account without your permission. If you feel that someone has accessed your account then please contact us and we will investigate the situation and amend the problem if possible.

  2. We reserve the right to change any customer username or password. When customers signup for an affiliate account, your domain is automatically created. This allows our customers to refer others to this service and receive cash referral commissions for their efforts. We reserve the right to change your username for corporate marketing purposes. In the event that we decide to change your username, we will notify you by email to allow you to login to your account and change the name yourself. If no action is taken within 24 hours, then we will change the name at our discretion. Your account earnings will not be affected by this change.

This Service

  1. We have built hundreds of shopping reward websites. We have established hundreds of relationships with retail merchants to supply these reward websites. Each relationship is different and therefore we have varying percentages of return among our affiliates. We will continually strive to provide higher returns on your purchases at these stores as we continue to grow. The percentages that we currently offer at any given retail store will always be the current percentage listed in front of the merchants name. Your account will be credited according to the given percentage for every net transaction (unless specifically stated otherwise) that you make at any particular merchant store. This means that you will receive a credit to your account for the full purchase price of the product or service before shipping and handling, sales tax, gift wrapping, promotional credits, transaction fees, returns, and or cancellations.

  2. Payments will be made to customers according to the payment calendar below and mailed out in checks always in U.S. dollars.

  3. Accounts are subject to adjustments if the member returns a product or cancels a service after receiving a refund to accurately reflect the amount earned before that product was returned or service canceled. Further, accounts are subject to adjustments due to fraud or computer error. We reserve the right to make any adjustments to customer accounts accordingly.

  4. Customers may be responsible to report tax liabilities due to refunds and are solely responsible to account for those tax obligations according to local city, state, and federal tax requirements.

  5. Gift Certificates that are purchased at our merchant partners do not qualify for refunds unless specifically stated.

  6. Purchase transactions will be posted to each customer's account, and customers are responsible to check their account regularly to ensure that they have been posted and credited. In most cases, transactions will be posted within 2-3 business days. However, some merchants wait up to 30 days to inform us that our customers have made a purchase on their site, and so it could take up to 30 days before you see a transaction posted in your account. If you feel that a transaction has not been accurately posted or credited to your account then it is your responsibility to contact us within 45 days of the transaction date. We require you to send us a copy of the electronic purchase receipt along with your inquiry so that we may investigate the issue.

  7. In addition to the cash back rebates paid out for every purchase made by a customer logged into their account, we also post special coupon codes or promotional offers such as free shipping for the convenience of additional savings. We are not responsible for expired coupons or outdated promotions. We are also not liable to compensate a customer that forgets to enter the coupon code or is unaware that they must enter a coupon code during the checkout process in order to get the additional discount before making their purchase.

  8. We have contracted separately with each individual merchant on the cash back network. Part of our contract consists of specific commissions paid per transaction that our individual customers make through their accounts. We are able to pay back rebates on these transactions through these commissions paid to us. Rebates paid out to our members are subject to this service receiving the commissions from our merchant partners for customer transactions. Our guarantee and obligation to pay rebates to its members is backed by the contracts we have established with each merchant. However, in the event that the contract becomes void or the terms of the contract deterred through bankruptcy or other legal and/or financial problems that our merchant partners may enter in while still contracted to this service, the service is not obligated to pay member rebates for the transactions directly related to the company in question.

  9. We reserve the right to change the published rebate amount on any store at any time.

  10. We reserve the right to add or remove any merchant or supplier at any time.

  11. In the event that a merchant fails to pay their promised rebate or there is a failure in collecting the funds for a specific rebate or commission from a specific merchant, we reserve the right to withhold payment of such rebates until the funds are collected from that merchant.

Payment Calendar

  1. We can not guarantee to pay out refunds for those purchases that are made using a merchant code at checkout. These codes are provided to add even greater value and savings for our customers, but our customers should consult the terms and agreements of our merchant partners to ensure that they will pay out refunds for both the code discount as well as the commission to this service. In any case, we will always refund the customer when the merchant partner pays us the commission.

  2. See payment calendar for scheduled payouts of your customers' rebates.

  3. If an account holder generates more than $100 in rebates during any given payout period, their account may be subject to a 30 day holding period past the date of regular payouts. Because most of our affiliate partners allow a 30-day return period on the products they sell, we may elect to hold the funds in customer accounts exceeding $100 in rebates for up to 30 days. After the 30-day holding period, if the product has not been returned or exchanged, we will release the funds on the account and immediately send the funds to the customer according to their chosen method of payment.

  4. As of July 1, 2009 the minimum balance for a rebate check to be sent out is $25. If your account is not above the $25 minimum, your balance will carry over to the next month. You will receive a check only if your balance at the end of a given month is over $25. Money credited to your account does not accrue interest.

  5. In the event of a VOID transaction, our company may recover, from you, the corresponding cash-back previously credited to your account.


CUSTOMERS MUST HAVE COOKIES ENABLED IN ORDER TO RECEIVE CASH REBATES. Cookies are simply text files that allow this service and other third party companies to track your purchases so we can make sure that you get your refunds for every transaction. Cookies used by this service and our network of merchants are completely safe and they are enabled by default with most browsers.

Contacting Us

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